About Us

Our Story


In 2014, Chaim Geller was looking to purchase a home. He finally signed contract and was ready to apply for a mortgage. Unfortunately, after pulling his credit, his loan officer broke the news to him. “Your credit score is 520; there in no way a bank will approve you for a loan.” Chaim was devastated! He didn’t lose himself,  and sprang right into action. He spoke to many credit analysts, researched hours and hours on the internet, and worked tirelessly. And guess what? He got his way! He came back to the loan officer a few weeks later, and, bingo he had his needed credit score. 

It wasn’t long after that and Chaim’s friend was also applying for a mortgage, and got stuck with a similar credit issue. Chaim came to the rescue and got his friend’s scores boosted as well. Chaim kept on doing this again and again, and this is how Proscore had its humble beginnings.

What We Do


 At Proscore we help consumers reach those same credit score goals fast, smart and efficient. We are the recommended credit company by over 50 mortgage brokers! Why? Because we focus on our client’s end goal rather than on our pocket. This results in us cutting out a plan of action which will work for the individual client, taking into account his score goal, time frame, and budget!

This may sound crazy but it’s just the fact. Proscore can bring clients credit score jumps of 100 plus points in less than 10 days! All our services our created to really work, especially for clients who are currently applying for a mortgage and need their credit score fixed ASAP.

Why Us


At Proscore we are committed to ensure that you get the credit score you need fast and smart. Our experience and knowledge will help you make this happen. Our clients are all like family. We will hold your hand and walk with you until you’re sitting confidently at the closing table!

So, if you’re applying for a mortgage and you’re stuck with a credit issue, Proscore is the place where the magic will happen!

Lets do it