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So you thought that your credit score is higher. Until your loan officer breaks the news to you and you’re thinking,“Oh! I must get my credit score higher. Is there anything I can do? I only have a month ‘till closing.” Try Magic! At Proscore we can get your credit score boosted by hundred plus points in as little as seven days- Yes you read that right!

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Easy Build Credit

  Declined, declined and again declined! Stop the madness. Let us help you build credit properly. We will set you up to achieve great credit fast and easy. Credit is something that you will need your whole life. Do it once and do it right.

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Advanced Credit Repair

Are you stuck in the mud and don’t see a way out? Let us tackle this for you! Our experience in all aspects of credit will help you untangle your credit issues. We will target the negative accounts to be removed based on your time frame and score goals. At the same time, we will improve your positive credit as well. This will result in you reaching your credit score goal fast and effective. 

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