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 This credit score jump was done in less then a week.  This jump will save our client a few Thousand dollars in closing fees! 


 This client had what is called a thin credit file.  We where able to help him add a joint credit card to his credit report that is back dates to 2016. He now has a perfect credit score and a perfect credit file!  


Our client had a disaster credit score due to 2 charge offs and a collection.  He needed to close on a home ASAP.  We advised him to rapidly boost his score and get approved for mortgage and not try to dispute the charge offs and collection (disputes take to long). A month later he had a 620 plus credit score enough to get him approved for a mortgage! 


This client needed the co-signer for his mortgage app to obtain a credit score ASAP. We got the job done in as little as 5 days!  


  This client had no credit a short 10 days ago. But wow now he got credit like a boss! This will make him now eligible to get approved for a mortgage. 


 This client wanted to be a co-signer on his sons mortgage loan. The problem was that due to several late payments his credit was shot!   We rolled out our plan. In Just 45 days our client had his needed 640 plus credit score! 


We still have more work on this file. But I am happy that we are starting to see results. We will get this done!


 This cleint needed a 90 day late payment removed from his credit report as it coused his credit score to drop more then 100 points! At Proscore we got it done in as fast as a month!


  We are happy that we were able to assist this client with removing a collection account from his credit report. This will help him now get a much better rate on his mortgage loan. 


This client needed a collection removed in order for him to get a 680 credit score and qualify for a mortgage. at Proscore we were able to get it done on time! 



Wow! We got this client up from a 688 credit score all the way up to 813! He can now apply for a mortgage loan like a boss! 

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